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3 Guests that We Want to See on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in 2015

In over 500 podcasts, I have been introduced to many guests for the first time. I am now a daily Alpha Brain user. I’ve gone through every piece of video that Vice News has to offer. We have even been … Continue reading

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3 Guests that Need to Revisit the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

There have been so many amazing guests that have been on the JRE podcast. Which ones would you like to see back on soon? Here are my personal top three. 1. James Bobo Fay The first James Bobo Fay podcast … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Dream Guests On The Joe Rogan Experience

So Redban tweeted his list of dream podcast guests today. It included : Gordon Ramsay, Steve Martin, Trent Reznor, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Seth Macfarlane, and and Pendleton Ward. The popularity of the Deathsquad podcasts has been rising. They … Continue reading

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What’s the Best Joe Rogan Podcast?

For a more recent list, look at The Best JRE Episodes of 2015 With over 150 episodes that are 2 hours a piece, it’s tough to know where to start. Although they are all unique, there are central themes that … Continue reading

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