How did Dan Bilzerian make his money?

The misconceptions about how the Instagram God earned his net worth

Dan Bilzerian made his money playing poker. It is a common misconception that he was given money from his parents. In a recent interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he talks about his rise to fortune through poker. Before poker, he was a regular college student who decided to go through Navy Seal training before discovering poker. The myth that he received a large amount of money from his parents gave him an advantage when playing poker because other players would assume he had more money to lose than he really did. His current net worth was not addressed during the 3 hour interview.

Quote from Joe Rogan Experience #857 (35:51)

Joe : So how did you make all your money then?

Dan : Playing poker.

Joe : You made it all playing poker?

Dan : Yeah

Joe : Wow that is insane.

Dan : It is.

Stream the full episode below.


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