Best Episodes of 2016

This list is our favorite episodes and guests of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2016. We know there’s so many episodes and it’s hard to know which ones are going to be the best. This was written to summarize our favorites so. After you catch up on these, check out the our top 3 episodes of any podcast in 2015.

Action Bronson

This is probably the biggest pop culture celebrity visit of 2016. Action is rapper and the host of “Fuck That’s Delicious”, which is Vice’s version of food show. He’s one of a kind. They talk about food, rap, New York, Action’s personal surgery stories, mice vs rats, Vice, and then food some more. They’re both continuously smoking joints for the entirety of the episode so there’s that, too.

Tom Segura

Tom came by to promote his new Netflix special, Mostly Stories (which is great by the way). I still can’t get into his own podcast, Your Mom’s House, but his visits on JRE are the best. This episode is hilarious.


Hannibal Burress

Maybe it’s his Chicago roots or his hip hop references, but Hannibal is the man. He doesn’t hold back at all while talking about personal experiences. In this episode, they break down the aftermath of the Bill Cosby scandal. They also talk about Amy Schuumer’s allegations of stealing jokes.


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