751. Doug Stanhope – Recap and Bio

Doug Stanhope and Jamie join Joe Rogan for #751 from January 2015. The format of this one is a little different than usual. Jamie and Joe spend the first half hour talking to each other without Doug. Then the ads happen…then Doug comes in. The whole podcast is over 3 hours.

Podcast start time after ads – NOTE : Ads don’t even start until 27:37 so the first 27 minutes are worth a listen. The ads end at 37:16 so you can skip everything in between.

Stanhope is a stand up comedian and hosts his own podcast. You may remember him from an earlier episode where he took mushrooms before recording the podcast. He’s a heavy drinker. He’s got comedy on Netflix too if you want to see his stand up.


Doug’s Podcast – http://stanhope.libsyn.com


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