5 Shows We Are Listened to in 2016

In no order, here are the podcasts that we want to check out in 2016. Everything we have heard from them so far has been promising and they could all have a big 2016. They are all universally available on iTunes, Stitcher, their own website, and the top tier podcast listening platforms. A link is provided for each show to their website, which can provide more information, if necessary.


Serial Season One’s murder case through the eyes of lawyers

If you were late to the Serial party like we were, then you may have missed this one. Undisclosed follows up where Serial Season 1 left off. As good as Serial S01 was, it leaves you with no resolve on who is guilty. At the least, it leaves some doubt. Undisclosed does an amazing job of clarifying on details and helping the listener form a solid opinion. I’m pretty sure I know who did it. Definitely listen to Serial S01 first if you have not.


Absolutely Nothing Podcast

Absolutely hilarious, great background noise.

No need to start in any spot here which is why we will be going back and catching up on all these episodes. More of a casual and funny podcast compared to Serial or Undisclosed. They talk about anything and everything and are still producing 3 episodes per week. Common topics include Chipotle, Drake, and personal stories from the hosts.


Welcome to Night Vale

A world created through fiction news stories.

Haven’t actually heard this one yet but have been recommended it many times. A fictional news program for a fictional town tells news stories about the town and its citizens. I was also told to listen to this one from the beginning, so that is where we will start.


The Tim Ferris Show

How to be the best version of yourself.

I’ve only heard a few episodes from the Tim Ferris show but they have all been super resourceful. The information is delivered quickly and to the point, which is great for anyone’s patience. Common topics include meditation, human optimization, and self improvement.


Serial Season 2

New season, new story.

2016 will bring back the 2nd half of S02 for Serial, so you know we will be catching up weekly until the finale. It’s not a lot of material compared to other podcasts because it is only 1 episode (1hour) per week. The reason for that is the unmatched quality in how it is produced. It’s still the GOAT for podcasts right now in their sophomore year. You don’t need to hear Season 1 to start Season 2. It’s like True Detective or Fargo, so go ahead and start here if you want to be a part of this project as it happens.


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