Top 3 Episodes of Any Podcast in 2015

To wrap up 2015, here is our list of favorite podcast episodes from the year.

Serial S02E01 – DUSTWUN

How can we not love a new season of Serial? The most professional and well researched podcast in existence comes back strong introducing the story of Bo Bergdahl including phone conversations with the Taliban! No one else is doing this in the podcast world and they continue to raise the bar in their sophomore season.

Their website also has notes and images to guide you along the story. Currently the GOAT of podcasts.

Absolutely Nothing Podcast – #44 Compound Reaganing

These guys might have the best new podcast of 2015. It was hard to choose a favorite since their show consistently has us laughing out loud with every new episode. In Compound Reaganing, they are teach you how to have a perfect day, also known as “Reaganing”, a term given by 30 Rock.

Their website has links to all the places you can listen.

Joe Rogan Experience – JRE #737 Lance Armstrong

Who knew that Lance Armstrong says the word “fuck” more than anyone I know? Joe does a great job of asking the hard questions and letting Lance tell his side of the story in a long format. It comes off as very honest and organic.

Go back to the homepage to see a full episode list.

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