Recommended Podcasts if you like the Joe Rogan Experience

Here is the list of similar shows that we recommend if you like the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Each show has a link to their website, which will help you find a way to listen.

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast


Bill does a new podcast every Monday Morning and recently has been doing a Thursday afternoon podcast too. There’s no guests unless his wife Nia jumps in for a few minutes. It’s typically just him and his thoughts. This allows him to talk a lot about his personal and work life. He was on the Joe Rogan Experience for a few episodes if you want to feel it out first. Very funny podcast and our #1 recommendation if you like the JRE.

Website :

iTunes link 

Favorite episode : Most recent – One of the strengths of MMP is that episodes come out twice per week and Bill usually “rambles” about current events. So if he’s talking about a Patriots game from the night before, then it might not be as relevant 4 weeks later. This also makes it easy to jump in at any time, so feel free to start with the most recent episode.

What is similar : Stand up comedian

What isn’t: Usually only talking by himself

Absolutely Nothing Podcast

the absolutely nothing podcast logo

The  “Curb Your Enthusiasm / Seinfeld of podcasts” talks about absolutely nothing and everything at the same time. Perfect for a long drive, workout, or to  just listen to while getting some work done. I haven’t missed an episode from these guys.


iTunes link

Favorite episodes: Girl Talk Part 1 and 2, Top 3 Movies All Time, Best Superpowers to Have

What is similar: Many of the same topics, funny

What isn’t: Hosts are 20 years younger than Joe Rogan so present a different point of view. Also no commercials or advertisements.

Ten Minute Podcast

Chris D'Elia, Bryan Callen, and Will Sasso from the Ten Minute Podcast

Chris D’Elia, Bryan Callen, and Will Sasso started this short form comedy podcast that has 10 minute episodes. Recently, Bryan and Chris have been less involved and Will has taken the lead. Whenever they get new content it is great but sometimes there are stretches of time with no new episodes. Still an automatic download.

Website :

iTunes link 

Favorite episodes: Hit Based, Diss Horn, Life Beginners: Master Class Part 2 with Bobby Lee

What is similar: Stand up comedians, Bryan Callen

What isn’t: Pure comedy, nothing informative or mind blowing besides the Stone Cold Steve Austin impressions

The Fighter and the Kid

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub from the Fighter and the Kid podcast

Bryan Callen + UFC conversation. This is a new podcast makes up for everything that we wish the Bryan Callen show was. It’s great to have the perspective of a UFC fighter like Brendan Schaub but he brings much more than that. I never almost never listen to the JRE podcasts that have UFC fighters simply because I know that most of the conversation will be UFC related. I still listen to TFATK because Bryan and Brendan carry this one with comedy.

Website :

iTunes link

What is similar: Again Bryan Callen, UFC, MMA

What isn’t: Not about stand up comedy as much

Favorite Episode : Ronda Rousey

Kill Tony


Kill Tony is a live show that is recorded and published as a podcast. Up and coming stand up comedians are given the opportunity to do one minute of material in front of a live audience. Part of that audience includes Tony Hinchcliffe and his co-hosts which are always professional comedians. After their 1 minute, the hosts give feedback and talk to the comics about their set and their life. It’s amazing how many people can actually crush with only one minute to work with. Many people bomb but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

Website :

iTunes link

What is similar: Brian Redban, Stand up Comedy, Deathsquad

What isn’t: Live show in front of an audience

Must Have Episode : Kill Tony #127 – If you listen to JRE, then it makes sense that you would start with the episode that he’s on as a guest judge.


Duncan Trussell Family Hour




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