3 Guests that We Want to See on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in 2015

In over 500 podcasts, I have been introduced to many guests for the first time. I am now a daily Alpha Brain user. I’ve gone through every piece of video that Vice News has to offer. We have even been surprised when my favorite artists such as Kid Cudi have made it on. But who was left out? As a fan, who would you love to have on the show? I have listed my top 3 below. Let us know yours @JoeRoganReviews

1. Nancy Grace

Picture of Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

So if you listen to the podcast a lot, I’m sure you can hear Joe’s rendition of the word “Florrrida” in the Nancy Grace impression. We need to figure out, for 3 full hours, if she is for real. Does the network put pressure to act as a character or do we get the real Nancy every night? My guess is that her side of the story would surprise many of those that throw judgement down on her program.

2.  Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Long time advocate of marijuana Wiz Khalifa shares many of the same values as the podcast. Working independently, enjoying life, and the benefits of marijuana are all topics that both can expand upon. However, there is still a large contrast in generational and cultural perspective.

3. Louis C.K.

Louis CK doing stand up

Louis C.K.

I know that Joe has said that Louis is a very busy guy. In an ideal world, this would be a huge win for comedy fans everywhere. None of the podcasts with the other comedy heavyweights have ever disappointed. The good news is that if he were to get onto any podcasts, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be JRE.

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