3 Guests that Need to Revisit the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

There have been so many amazing guests that have been on the JRE podcast. Which ones would you like to see back on soon? Here are my personal top three.

1. James Bobo Fay

James Bobo Fay standing at the Bigfoot Collection

James “Bobo” Fay from Finding Bigfoot.

The first James Bobo Fay podcast was a relisten for me. I had to hear it at least twice because I was so fascinated by his passion. James sounded intelligent enough to not be crazy. Some ideas were not completely fact-based, but I still found it hard to believe that he spends 9 months per year in the woods for no reason. While not a believer, I like to keep the door open to the idea of the absurdity that is the squatch. I joked with my friends for months that we would take a trip to the Pacific Northwest for the sole purpose of squatchin’.

James said that technology was catching up to the squatch. If he went on the show again, we could discover what progress has been made. We could learn about his confidence level in the discovery.

2. Jason Silva

Jason Silva with his hand that has written on it

Jason Silva

Within the first 10 minutes of Jason Silva’s first podcast, mind = blown. It was amazing to hear a young, intelligent voice behind the technological singularity awareness movement. His short videos were perfect for the attention span of myself and my generation. I know he did return to the show, but has been missing for a long time. Come back Jason! What is the Apple Watch going to do to our connectivity with other humans?!

3. Joey Diaz

A picture of Joey Diaz that says

Joey Diaz

Where you at, dawg? If I ever see a Joey Coco Diaz podcast show up on my feed, it is an automatic play. He is one of the few people who have me literally laughing out loud while driving or working.

Who else would you like to see back on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast? Have there been any one time guests that need to reappear?

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