The Top 5 Dream Guests On The Joe Rogan Experience

So Redban tweeted his list of dream podcast guests today. It included : Gordon Ramsay, Steve Martin, Trent Reznor, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Seth Macfarlane, and and Pendleton Ward.

The popularity of the Deathsquad podcasts has been rising. They have already had big names such as Dane Cook, Anthony Bourdain, and Kevin Smith. Here’s our list of the top dream guests for the Joe Rogan Experience.

5 | Michael Jordan

It is pretty clear that Joe doesn’t go too far outside of MMA when it comes to sports. He has said that he admires someone who can take it to the next level. As the greatest of all time, it would be interesting to see his opinion on world issues considering his success and age.

4 | Bill O Reilly

I was caught on the fence between Bill and Glenn Beck. Bill O Reilly has some interesting conversations with Jon Stewart when they go head to head. I’d rather listen to him make a point for something ridiculous than waste two hours listening to Glenn Beck. This podcast would definitely dig deep into political and social issues of our country.

3 | Carlos Menstealia

I know that this is a stretch. However, what if he took full responsibility for his mistakes and had a sincere apology for the entire industry? Again, this list is just wishful thinking. I think it would be refreshing to see him be completely honest about stealing everybody’s jokes. That situation may be beyond repair at this point. But in a few years, who knows? I’m not even sure if I want two hours of Carlos but it would definitely be something exciting. It would also be groundbreaking to hear him come clean about how he would steal jokes. The possibility of this podcast being done perfectly is the only reason it is up here.

2 | Bill Gates

I love the conversations that dig deep into the implications of our technological future. Bill Gates is on the front lines of this movement. I would love to hear his thoughts on the singularity.

1 | President Barack Obama

This one is even less practical than Carlos Mencia. It would be fascinating to see the President in a setting where he could express himself freely. With no alternative motives to represent, he could speak for himself. However, he has too much responsibility to just say whatever he wants. I can only imagine what he knows that is off limits knowledge for us.

UPDATE 2016: Barack actually went on Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF with Marc Maron for an episode. Must Listen*

 Who would you like to see on the show? Let us know @BestofJRE
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